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Our Story

More than 50 years ago. . .

In a small shop behind a furniture store, our father started building custom cabinets. He began with just a dream, backing it up with good ol’ muscle & ingenuity.

DeWils has grown quite a bit since those days, selling and shipping cabinetry across the globe, from Alaska and Hawaii to Japan and Bermuda. But, that same passion and unwavering desire for perfection continue to define us today.

For the past 20 years, we have honored that spirit, and commitment, to craftsmanship. As the company has grown, so has our product line. Today we offer more styles, wood choices, and an ever-growing array of finish options. We combine the craftsmanship of yesterday with the technologies of today and the durability to last for the generations of tomorrow.

The next 50 years will undoubtedly see just as many changes as the product continues to evolve. Just like our father, we’ll keep striving for perfection along the way. You could say, it’s a family promise.

Tracy & Randy Wilson, 2nd Generation Owners.

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